the fabulous


falmouth soul sensation

17 years of solid soul 2007- 2024


A selections of pictures from the archive of shows over the past 17 years. 

issy MacKenzie laughs, soul sisters
laughing Elly Gow, Tamara Carrol , Linda Clay, Charly Blundell
Soul sisters Elly Gow and Tamara Carroll, with Issy MacKenzie
Soul Sensations 2020 vocalists
Elly Gow, Baby Stax, Soul Sensation
Charly Bludell Falmouth Soul Sensation
Sopul Sensation engine room Bob Black, Dan, Andy and Andy
andy roberts and bob black , Soul Machine
Falmouth Soul Sensation backline boys
paul buzza, soul sensation
Soul Sensation Horn section 2020 acorn theatre penzance
red shoes of Falmouth Soul Sensation
horns n bass, Northern soul Falmouth Soul Sensation
good horn section , Falmouth Soul Sensation, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell
On stage with Falmout Soul Sensation
Dan Gilbert  and Bob Black Soul Brothers
Andy Roberts falmouth Soul Sensation

Archive Gallery

Archive video 2014

Archive video 2014

In The Basement- Short studio promo clip 2016

Archive video 2018 

Archive video 2016

lady Marmalade - live at Looe 2014